Snowbird Angus high-quality registered bulls for sale in LaSalle Colorado -  owner Bj & Don Stone

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Quality Registered Angus Cattle raised in LaSalle Colorado by Don & Bj Stone.

cattle are bred to produce offspring with moderate birth weights and above average weaning and yearling weights.  They have good dispositions and conformation!

Snowbird Angus - registered yearling and 2-year-old bulls for sale - calved  in Colorado
Several Snowbird Angus bulls have been selected Grand Champions at North Colorado Angus Association Sales.

Registered Angus Bulls for Sale

We would like to thank all of you who have purchased bulls from us in the past. Again this year, we are providing a stout group of yearlings and two year olds.

For the past 38 years we have artificially inseminated the cows in our herd to bulls with a good balance of birth weights, growth, and maternal merits.

Additionally, the cows in our herd have excellent udders. Like their dams, the bulls in this offering display good dispositions.

The yearlings weigh between 1000 and 1225 pounds. The two-year old bulls presently weigh about 1600 pounds. As you examine these offerings, see which ones will help you continue to move your herd forward.

The bulls are available for sale through private treaty.   Please call 970-284-6610 (home) or 970-302-2473 (cell) - or contact me online.

Best Regards,

bulls have been the high indexing bulls at the Northeastern Colorado Bull Test Sale.  View pics and details of current bulls for sale.